Table of Contents, Plays and Reader's Theatre

1Little Blue Barefoot Boy
Adapted from the Fairy Tale—Little Red Riding Hood
3 The Easter Egg Party
Adapted from the Folk Tale— The Little Red Hen
4 The Three Bears and Marva Jean
Adapted from the Fairy Tale—Goldilocks and the Three Bears
7 The Three Little Kittens and the Big Bad Dog
by Devon Walter, 2nd grade
Adapted from the Fairy Tale—The Three Little Pigs
8 The Weird Story of Cindy Rella
by a 5th grade reading group
Adapted from the Fairy Tale—Cinderella
11 Slow Joe and Fast Buck
Adapted from Aesop’s Fable—The Tortoise and the Hare
13 The Mouse and King Lion
Adapted from Aesop’s Fable—The Lion and the Mouse
15 As the Earth Turns
A science lesson to teach Earth’s 24-hour rotation, day and night
17 The Four Seasons
A science lesson to teach Earth’s yearly movement, seasons
Poem to be read in parts or chorally
22All Around our School
composed by 2nd grade students
Song to the tune of “Wheels on the Bus” to sing chorally
23Bullies Poem
Friends Poem
by Carley Cuba and Molly Heermann
24Inside and Outside—An Important Lesson
A lesson on respect and acceptance of differences
27‘Super Speech’ Poems
by Stacy Stewart, Speech/Language Pathologist
Fun poems for students to practice their ‘l’, ‘r’ and ‘s’ articulation
28The Very Unforgettable Thanksgiving
A fun seasonal play for the month of November
31The Gift of Giving
A December play teaching the value of giving versus receiving
34Snow Day
A fun seasonal play of a day that school children hope for
36Winter Poems
by Carley Cuba, 3rd grade
A seasonal collection of rhyme and verse poems
37A Chat with George and Abe
A delightful and informative lesson on George Washington and Abe Lincoln
42The Easter Gift
by Molly Heermann, 5th grade
A valuable lesson on sharing
44The Perfect Gift
by Molly Heermann, 5th grade
A perfect end-of-the year tribute to classroom teachers
46Kale’s Birthday
by Emmalee Whitaker, 4th grade
An enjoyable summer tale
47Welcome to Yesterday
An informative Social Studies lesson on life in the mid 1900’s
50Families Around the World Poem
Tomorrow Poem

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