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The Three Bears and Marva Jean

Props: 3 bowls and spoons, 3 chairs, pillows, 3 blankets for beds, costumes (if wanted)
Setting: The three bears’ house: kitchen, parlor and bedroom

Characters: Narrator, Mother Bear, Marva Jean, Little Bear, Father Bear

Narrator: Once upon a time there were three bears who lived in a house of their own in the woods. They each had a bowl for their pudding. They each had a chair to sit on. And they each had a bed to sleep in. One morning the three bears made pudding for breakfast. Mother Bear and Father Bear wanted chocolate pudding and Baby Bear wanted vanilla pudding.

Mother Bear: Let’s go for a walk in the woods. The pudding is not ready to eat.

Little Bear: That would be fun. Do you want to go, father?

Father Bear: Yes! When we get back, we can eat our pudding.

Narrator: While they were walking, a little girl named Marva Jean came to their house.

Marva Jean: Wow! This is a big house. I wonder if anyone is home. I think I will look in the window.

Narrator: Marva Jean did not see anyone in the window. She turned the handle of the door. The door was not locked because the three bears were trusting bears. They did no one any harm, and they never thought anyone would harm them.

Marva Jean: That’s funny! The door isn’t locked. They must want me to come in. I smell something very good. I wonder what it is?

Narrator: Marva Jean saw some bowls on a table. She walked over to see what smelled so good.

Marva Jean: This is what smells so good! It looks like mud! But I’m really hungry, so I think I will try a bite. Wait…this is good! It must be pudding.

Narrator: First, Marva Jean tasted the pudding of Father Bear. (Stick finger into pudding. Then try it with a spoon.) It was too much chocolate for her. Then she tasted the pudding of Mother Bear. It was too much chocolate also. Finally, she tasted the vanilla pudding of Little Bear.

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