Can I use the workbook book to teach decoding skills?

Reading Skills Plus Activities based on the sound/symbol system of the English language is designed to REINFORCE the teaching of decoding, not as the sole basis for teaching. It does include all of the sound/symbols of the English language as well as activities to develop phonics generalizations and patterns, syllabication skills and a recording chart for measuring student progress.

For what ages is the workbook appropriate?

Because there are no pictures or overall design to signal certain age/grade work, Reading Skills Plus Activities... is appropriate for students of any age who are learning the English language. Gwelda has successfully used the materials with 1st -5th graders, ELL students, secondary students and with adults who struggle with literacy. It works.

Is the workbook designed for one-to-one use or for classroom use?

Reading Skills Plus Activities... is designed for small group instruction, one-to-one instruction or for seatwork following classroom instruction. When Gwelda taught special education students in the resource setting, the ‘Activities’ book was used as classroom seatwork for the students.. When tutoring students, the ‘Activities’ book was used as homework reinforcement of the skills taught.

Can the workbook be used with ‘homeschooling'?

Absolutely. It reinforces both decoding and encoding skills needed.

Of what value are the Word-Fluency Skill Builders?

When students automatically and rapidly read words, concentration can be focused on comprehension. These activities are sequentially presented and designed to help students read from left to right and line to line striving for total accuracy.

Why are nonsense words (pseudo words) included?

Many multi-syllable words are made up of syllables which, alone, have little meaning like ‘riv’ (riv er, de riv a tive), ‘hos’ (hos pi tal), ‘sim’ (sim ple, sim u late), ‘jum’ (jumble). As students advance, many of the words are made up of Latin and Greek prefixes, roots and suffixes which do provide meaning.

Are the Word-Fluency Skill Builders appropriate for older students?

Yes, why not? All students who are building fluency skills can benefit from reading words accurately and quickly. As the difficulty of the sound/symbols progress, so does the difficulty of the words. It’s a great opportunity to increase vocabulary skills as well.

How do I order materials?

The Reading Skills Plus Activities Book, Word-Fluency Skill Builders and the Plays and Reader’s Theater books may be ordered directly from VoWac Publishing Company (see ordering page). All free games and activities may be easily downloaded from this website.

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