Lotto or Bingo

Lotto boards can be made with letters, blends, phonemic patterns (ie. aw, ow, oo, ai, etc.), words or phrases. Within a class setting, these can be dictated with students writing them in the spaces for one lesson and then practicing as a whole group or at center time for reinforcement.

Some of the Lotto boards included on this website have markers to help reinforce the skill such as /tion/ /ous/ /sion/ and the Consonant-le sounds. Other boards may have definitions and words. Yet others only have words or phrases. Use dice or playing cards as described below. Students read or define the words, phrases, abbreviations, etc. Blank Lotto grids are included so that you can make your own lotto boards. A jeopardy board is also included to use in classroom settings for spelling competition, content area questions, grammar, phonics sounds, etc. Some of the Sorts games could also be used as lotto games.

Lotto boards may be played by taking turns just as an activity such as the /tion/ /ous/ /sion/ Consonant-le boards with no winner. When playing with the boards without markers, use chips…a different color for each student in the group. To play more competitively with these boards, use a die, spinner, or the Ace-5 plus the jokers of a deck of playing cards. Most of the boards included are 5 column boards. To use a die, the ‘6’ would be a wild card and the student can play anywhere on the board. A blank die can be used by writing numbers on it. My students find it more fun to use the deck of playing cards…when the deck runs out, the game is over. The number drawn, rolled or spun designates the column to chose from. When playing competitively, players try to get sets of 3-in-a-row, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Winner is the player with the most sets.

If you make lotto boards that you would like to share, please email them to Gwelda to include on the website.

'C'-'le' Lotto
'tion' Lotto
'tion' Nonseparated Lotto
'sion' Lotto
'ous' Lotto
'ci'= /sh/ Lotto
Soft 'c', Hard 'c' Lotto
'ch' 'tch' Lotto
'ea' Lotto
‘-al’ Lotto
Plurals Lotto
Syllable Count Lotto
VC-CV Lotto
V-CV VC-V Lotto
Compound words Lotto
Roots Lotto
Signs Lotto
Abbreviations Lotto
Out and About Abbreviations Lotto
School Signs Lotto
Street Signs Lotto
Position Words Lotto
Grammar 1
Grammar 2
Jeopardy Board
Blank 5-Column Grid
Blank 4-Column Grid
Blank 6-Colmn Grid for Dice

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