KNOW the difference between teaching reading and teaching children HOW to read!

Gwelda J. Carlson is an educator, author, tutor and presenter with a passion to help children and adults learn to read well. She taught in the public school system for over 26 years, primarily as a Special Education teacher and Response to Intervention literacy teacher in a Title I school in the Lincoln Public School system in Lincoln, NE. She is an avid believer that children should be taught HOW to read and spell simultaneously along with teaching them reading within a curriculum.

Gwelda has presented at conferences, staff developments, inservices, and parent support workshops. She has taught courses in Comprehensive Multisensory Reading Instruction. Gwelda has provided paraeducator training for Response to Intervention implementation. She has supervised college practicums where students directly teach children in the English code.

Reading Skills Plus Activities Based on the Sound/Symbol System of the English Language is the result of many years of tutoring and teaching children who were struggling with reading. She began by creating seatwork/homework worksheets for her students as a follow-up to direct instruction of the sound/symbol system of the English Language incorporated within her teaching approach. They were so valuable that she pursued completion of the book to share with other educators and parents working with children and adults who struggle to read or who are learning the English language (ELL). She also completed Word-Fluency Skill Builders word lists based on the sound/symbol system of the English Language to provide opportunities for students to increase phonetic word recognition skills. Plays and Reader’s Theater provides the opportunity for students to build fluency skills as well as gain confidence in speaking in front of their peers. Many games were created to help make teaching fun for students. Use and enjoy these free downloads!

Gwelda’s education includes a Master of Education degree in Special Education, endorsement in Early Childhood and certification as a Response to Intervention literacy teacher. She is trained in the Orton Gillingham multisensory reading approach.

Gwelda lives in Lincoln, Nebraska with her husband, Dick. She has two grown children, one of whom has special needs. She is actively involved in the Nebraska Dyslexia Association.

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