Activities Workbook

This book, designed for independent or small group support, is to be used simultaneously with direct instruction of the sound/symbol code of the English language. The simple, clear format of the book allows for use with primary through adult struggling learners and ELL students. Teachers, tutors, parents and students will all find this book valuable. 112 pages.

Reading is the process of constructing meaning from written texts. It is a complex skill requiring coordination of a number of interrelated sources of information--phonemic awareness, decoding skills, fluency and accuracy, vocabulary knowledge, and meaningful comprehension. The Orton-Gillingham structured, multi-sensory approach is systematic and sequential. The sound/symbol relationships are taught from single consonants and vowels to complex letter representations for sounds. Automaticity in phonemic awareness is crucial to building fluent reading skills.

The primary purpose of this activity book is to provide sequential practice with the sound/symbol decoding system of the English language. The format of the worksheets, without distractible features and pictures, allows these materials to be used by any age student struggling with literacy development, including adults. I have successfully used this activity book with primary at-risk students in Response to Intervention literacy programs, special education students grade 1-6 with dyslexia (specific learning disabilities in reading), middle and high school students who are building reading skills and adults who struggle with literacy skills. The materials have been used with one-to-one tutoring and with small instructional groups.

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