Excellent book! I purchased it at “Reading in the Rockies”. I love it!
Debra Fenton
Denver, Colorado

Reading skills plus coupled with the Sonday System creates tools and collaboration for students to succeed in our English sound/symbol system. It ties everything in for students struggling with reading. A great tool!
Tonya Jolley
Elementary Special Education teacher
Lincoln Public Schools
Lincoln, Nebraska

The Reading Skills Plus activities book provides a multi-sensory approach to decoding skills. As a middle school Emotional and Behavioral Disorders educator, in my classroom I have learners reading on several levels. Each lesson allows me to address the needs of all my learners. Because this book does not come across as a low-level reading book, all of my learners are willing to work through it with me. The sentence and handwriting skills that supplement the individual lessons allows me to incorporate more than just reading skills into my lessons.
Craig McDaniel
Emotional and Behavioral Disorders teacher
Goddard Middle School
Goddard, Kansas

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