How to use the Activity Workbook

The activity worksheets are to be used with direct instruction of the sound/symbol code of the English language. They are not to be used in place of direct instruction but as follow-up practice and reinforcement of skills taught. Multi-sensory instruction of the sound/symbol relationships (based on the Orton-Gillingham approach) is described in the structure of a lesson plan below (also see Lesson Plan form in the appendix). The multi-sensory component of the instructional time includes emphasis on tracing when decoding by writing the letters representing the sounds on a surface (table or textured) with the pads of the index and middle fingers of the writing hand. Touch-spelling (finger-spelling) is used when encoding by assigning a phoneme sound to each finger of the non-writing hand beginning with the thumb and then transferring the sounds to letter representations to spell the word.

Lesson Plan

1. Read phonetic sounds.
2. Spell phonetic sounds.
3. Read words based on phonograms learned.
4. Write words based on phonograms learned.
5. Write phrases and sentences using phonograms learned.
6. Reread sounds, words, phrases and sentences written.
7. Introduce new lesson (new phonogram).
8. Read connected text.
9. Independent practice using the Reading Skills Plus activity worksheets

Many of the worksheets in Reading Skills Plus follow a similar format:

1. word reading to apply phonics skills and build automaticity in word recall and vocabulary instruction—these can be timed, practiced and retimed for fluency;
2. cloze sentences to build and apply comprehension skills as well as fluency in phrase and sentence reading;
3. sentence writing to develop sentence structure, grammar and the mechanics of writing—capitalization, spelling and punctuation.

Occasionally a word may be unknown to the student and should be directly told. But, most pages are designed for independent reading using decoding skills taught through direct instruction.

The Reading Skills Plus activities workbook is copyrighted. No part of this book may be reproduced in whole or in part, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form by any means, electronic, mechanical, or photocopy without written permission from the author.

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