"Research indicates that, although some children will learn to read in spite of incidental teaching, others never learn unless they are taught in an organized, systematic, efficient way by a knowledgeable teacher using a well-designed instructional approach."
American Federation of Teachers

Welcome to Reading Skills Plus.

Reading is an adventure of acquiring the skills, fluency and efficiency to comprehend text. For 70-80% of American children, this process of breaking the code of the English language occurs without much difficulty. For others, the written symbols are a mystery. After teaching students of various ages with varying degrees of reading difficulties, I was introduced to the Orton Gillingham approach to reading – a multisensory, systematic, sequential process of teaching the sound/symbol system of the English language. I added to, changed and developed a teaching style that made a difference. The student workbook, Reading Skills Plus Activities Based on the Sound/Symbol System of the English Language was a result of needing activities to reinforce the skills I was teaching my students. For eight years, I developed and used many of the worksheets incorporated in this book. It is designed as a copyrighted consumable workbook.

As my students worked on automaticity in word recognition, I developed word-fluency lists which are compiled in another publication, Word-Fluency Skill Builders Word lists based on the sound/symbol system of the English language. Educators have permission to copy these pages for student use as needed.

Plays and Reader’s Theater for young readers to build FLUENCY and COMPREHENSION is now available. This 52 page book includes 28 fun, motivating scripts and poems for younger students. Students will enjoy building reading skills and self-confidence as they creatively engage in and develop expression in reading. Educators have permission to copy these pages for student use as needed.

These books are now available through VoWac Publishing Company, P.O. Box 75, Faulkton, SD 57438-0075. You may email VoWac at info@vowac.com or call at 605.598.4492.

New activities have been added to the website. Be sure to check them out. The FREE reading games can be downloaded.

Join me, as educators and parents, in making a difference in how we teach those who struggle with reading.

Gwelda J. Carlson

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